Bluebrixx modells

What is Bluebrixx and what do we have to do with this company?

Bluebrixx is a new manufacturer of custom models of terminal blocks. The bricks are not LEGO, but still have a very good quality. The quality of the bricks is also tested by us and as many know, we have a high demand on the quality of our items.

From now on we will offer the Bluebrixx models in our shop. In addition, some of our models will be produced by Bluebrixx and available in our shop, too.
Of course our building instructions for the construction of LEGO bricks, as well as the models of original LEGO bricks will still be available.

We thought about this step for a long time and have come to the decision that we also want to give people the opportunity to buy our models that cannot or want not spend the money for the upper priced LEGO models. The models are a good alternative.

Is not it a fake? No, LEGO no longer has any rights to the bricks, so anyone can officially make bricks without the LEGO LOGO.
If you have any questions or suggestions for us, feel free to contact us: